Sunday, October 31, 2004

Lawyerly Chickens

I knew I was going to roast a chicken for my 2 younger kids' family celebration, but I wasn't sure about a Western style recipe (sage/butter? thyme?). Searching for a nice size roaster wasn't that easy (most were too small at the supermarket) until I went to the wholesale club. Problem was I had to buy 2 breasty birds. Hmm, okay fine I'll freeze one. Then I remembered Atty. Sassy's whole roast chicken. A recipe for twins.
I followed her recipe exactly, only substituting scallions for leeks,and marinating only a day and a half instead of two.

after being sealed in marinade(garlic,dark soy, lemon juice, pepper, chili sauce, steak sauce, brown sugar) and turning several times in ziploc bags...
stuffing with scallions,

and a lemon half,
and baking about 2 and a half hours...

It was moist, juicy, tender, delectable...with a distinctively Asian flavor: an instant hit for our family party.

Thanks Sassy for generously posting this recipe. The fragrance of lemon and soy permeated the chicken, and its aroma lingered and spiked our guests' appetites.