Saturday, November 13, 2004

Celia K's Chicken and Sausage Rice pot

We were caught unawares. The first snowstorm blew into town overnight.
I've been avoiding watching the news and so here we are waking up to the sound of snowblowers and shovels screeching in the asphalt driveways.
Good thing I made celiakusinera's chicken and Chinese sausage rice pot. I used a deep oval cast-iron pot to maximize the surface area. It is very similar to a dish in my Ken Hom cookbook but chef celia k's recipe intrigued me with the addition of sausages and mushrooms and its lighter sauce (Ken Hom's used the sweet black soy). I made the Ken Hom dip of black soy and chopped green onions on the side, for discretionary drizzling. Thanks celiak! It is a very scrumptious, belly-warming, comforting dish to serve on this blustery day.