Thursday, November 25, 2004

diary of an ersatz chef

We hit 4 stores, #2 son and I, yesterday morning and we were done by 10 a.m., grabbing breakfast on the go (roasted pork bun from the Kam Man bakeshop). I thought I was semi-successful (couldn't find a Kosher brined turkey, only a 24-lb. behemoth bird and I didn't feel like shopping around anymore and putting the boy through all I lugged it home and brined it myself. I am nuts!).
Yesterday was the day to make the flan and other desserts and the do-ahead dishes.

Granada (pomegranate) seems to be the "in" chic fruit of the moment. I snubbed our little bush just outside the kitchen in Quezon City, all those years!, thinking why bother, it's got so many seeds and it's too sour. The one I got from whole foods was very sweet and juicy and had ruby red jewels inside. I let the kids eat it and used the bottled juice for the cranberry sauce.

A neat way to have an even crust...pottery pie weights.

Bourbon orange pecan pie
My Dad-in-law, the kids' "YeYe" loves nut pies and I made this for him. He's 80 years old and very hale and hearty; we celebrate especially for him.

My daughter requested peach cobbler. A promise is a promise..oh wait! there are no peaches in November. Oh no! Then this genius girl saw mangoes at Whole Foods...using a previous recipe from the summer, I used the perfumey-fragrant mangoes, calamansi juice, and cardamom.

...and this is miss murphy who kept me company as I multitasked late into the night
I will be cooking some recipes for sides from my blogfriends and I want to wish you all...
Happy Turkey Day! Give thanks for all we have.