Tuesday, January 11, 2005

a bloggin' dinner

"thank you thank you...no no, sit down, please. no need for a standing ovation.
i would like to share this award with my friends, without whom this would not be happening..."
pop! oops. it was a dream?
no it really happened last night. my kittens were very glad and probably for the first time fully realized the significance of the flog/foodblog/mommy's "sitting and staring at the computer."
thanks to the great kitchens of the green mansion, liempo estofado (pork belly in soy and onion stew) and the english patis (a new spankin way to make mashed potatoes), they had a wonderful meal.
the estofado posted by the suplada chef really intrigued me; it just had the makings of greatness, and it really was: tender, tasty, with a sauce designed for dribbling.
yesterday after reading chef celia's post on steaming and then beating up the potatoes, which i had always thought would make it gluey and tough, and reading her account of how fluffy and creamy they were, i had to make it pronto. i should listen to Tita Delia Smith's advice more...

mom: "isn't this good, #2son?"
#2: "this is not good, mom, this is great."

he's 5 yrs. old. he's very earnest about his food.

using the mixer for mashed potatoes

pork belly cooked in onions, dark soy and lemon juice.
thanks thess! and it was very easy to make. just the right kind of dish for a busy week night.