Sunday, January 16, 2005

" point to what your heart desires" husband's translation of dimsum.

a selection of steamed (sio mai, chow foon with beef and shrimp, spareribs in black bean sauce, duck's feet with taro wrapped in bean curd sheets, har gaw-shrimp dumplings) and deep-fried (spring rolls, que kiam, spinach wontons) heart's delights surrounding a platter of yang chow fried rice.

zee chef is in a slump. you know, cook's block, akin to writer's block? so we went out for dimsum.
we've been planning an "expedition" (what it feels like to take the kittens to a restaurant) to China Pearl, 9 Tyler Street, Boston but the weather and circumstances conspired against us. till today.
China Pearl is a Zagat rated restaurant that is the odds-on favorite of Asian-American families from all over the state, and beyond, and is in all the tour books.
this is where we bring our friends and relatives who brave the cold and ice to see us and where the extended family gather for their banquets.
outside a "white-out" snowstorm is raging: 6 inches for coastal cities and towns...*sigh* that's us. but our bellies are full and the house is cozy and warm and there's no school tomorrow...