Monday, January 24, 2005

skies are blue again, the sun is glaringly bright on the snow-white (6-foot? high) drifts...i don't remember it ever being this cold AND snowy, ever, in the 17 years i've lived here in this state. the schools called off both Monday and Tuesday, yesterday. that's unheard of. (kittens were jumping up and down in rapture. #1son has midterm exams all week so he's grinning, Cheshire cat style.) it's too cold to play outside so thankfully my kittens are entertaining themselves at home (the tv is off too! how unbelievable is that?). we've had our anxiously awaited oil delivery which was delayed by the high demand and blizzard conditions. (we were hovering near empty.) we've bundled up our papa and sent him out of the cabin to hunt and feels like a scene from laura ingalls wilder's "little house on the prairie," doesn't it? a little bit?
our back door neighbors have a tractor moving the snow around and the mailwoman even arrived.
we're going to be OK.

what street where??