Friday, February 25, 2005

a boy's fond food memory from Hong Kong

pork skin and fishball in curry sauce

husband has been craving this since i can't remember when. he orders it from almost every dimsum cart we encounter, and we've seen it sold on the sidewalks of Chinatowns all over.
apparently when he was very young he roamed around Kowloon and took the ferry at will, alone or with his group of buddies. (told him not to tell the kittens this nugget of boyhood recollections). and he enjoyed the street snacks.
so husband decided to try to duplicate this food memory here at home.
it involves some sneaky shopping--the dried pork skin is hard to find and packaged looking like a flat sheet of dried up bubble packing material, and it's labeled as "fish maw." i'm afraid to ask why. the sheets are then soaked in water all day.
then he had to open up this jar of curry sauce.

he boiled the rehydrated pork skin with the sauce, water, chopped onions, thickly sliced daikon radish, and fish balls. he said that next time he would add the radish at the last minute so it wouldn't disintegrate into the liquid.
yes, there will be a next time. it was delectable. #2 son, a great fan of fish balls and spicy XO flavored ramen noodles, couldn't get enough. it felt sinful to eat the chewy pork skin but it was good over hot rice. straight up for husband.