Thursday, February 17, 2005

karen's asado

i'm back. whew. what a relief. #2 son has recovered: he never did act sick but a mother's intuition being as sharp as it is, i took him to the pediatrician on saturday feeling that something wasn't right. he was recovering from a bad cold, then he looked so different on saturday, with a worrying cough...yup. it was pneumonia. but if you looked at him, he was his same old giggly wiggly self, with his appetite intact and ravenous. so with vigilance and seemingly endless watching of the clock for treatments and medicine doses, he's all better. whew.
then our phone line went dead.
we live in a really old house (109?) so i surmise all the wires are almost as ancient too. after pleading and cajoling (mine) and finally (husband's) threatening the phone company (with his booming baritone voice)...they've replaced the whole "box". i confess. it was excruciating.
*sigh* this is THE superpower country of the new world?? hmmm.
meanwhile, this mommy kept preoccupied and busy, cleaning, washing and cooking...

something yummy! tummy satisfying, malinamnam, masarap, etc. atbp. when i first espied this recipe by the pilgrim's pots and pans i had a gut feeling it was delicious. and. i. was. right. thanks karen! anything that all my children will eat is a bravura masterpiece. it tastes so pinoy too, that indefinable "ULAM" that i crave to eat with lots of hot rice. i'm so grateful.