Wednesday, February 09, 2005

yes, we eat vegetables...

it may not seem like it...but we do.
it's just that my 3 little kittens like their vegetables plain and unadorned. you know, steamed broccoli, microwaved frozen corn, watercress in soup...
but they do eat it, which is more than an old mother can ask for.
chef celiak's recipe of stir fried spinach was so timely because i'd just bought a bag of the freshest snow pea shoots i've ever been lucky enough to procure, but which brought me quite a lot of trepidation in bringing home because. i've. messed. it. up. too. often.

daw miu

plain, simple, unadorned (a quick stir fry in hot vegetable oil with a little splash of water and garlic, a few drops of light soy)...kittens liked it. yehey!