Friday, April 29, 2005

love and affection send us off to a well-earned weekend. i still have heaps of laundry! it's just that i can't bear for the kids to re-use their clothes (jeans at least). i can't let go of the idea that school is a virus buffet when they get home i make sure they wash their hands and change. the forecast is for a grey and rainy weekend so...that means time for housework??
i was searching for chocnut and curly tops at the Asian groceries here. no such luck, but i picked up these goodies from Japan and Switzerland. "Apollo" and "choco baby" were gambles that paid off...delicious, on the sweet side, chocolatey. Toblerone, well it's a nostalgic thing: reminds me of Christmases in Manila when they seemed to suddenly sprout out in the stores and be gifted to ma and dad from their workplaces.

i was moved enough by the chocolate to sing a love chocolate. and for my sweet friends.

"i am not in love
but i'm open to persuasion
east or west
where's the best
for romancing
with a friend
i can smile
but with a lover
i could hold my head back
i could really laugh
really laugh
thank you
you took me dancing
'cross the floor
cheek to cheek
but with a lover
i could really move
really move
i could really dance
really dance

i could really move
really move

now if i can feel the sun
in my eyes
and the rain on my face
why can't i
feel love
i can really love
really love

now i got all
the friends that i want
i may need more
but i shall just stick to those
that i have got
with friends i still feel
so insecure
little darling i believe you could
help me a lot
just take my hand
and lead me where you will
no conversation
no wave goodnight
just make love
with affection
sing me another love song
but this time
with a little dedication
sing it, sing it
you know that's what i like
once more with feeling
give me love


-joan armatrading, "love and affection"