Monday, May 23, 2005

"jambonettes de volaille au persille... "

boned stuffed leg of chicken with blue cheese
no no i still don't speak French.
but it was a cold, grey, rainy saturday. again.

we needed to do a lot of yard and back garden work but it just kept on raining.
so i thought i'd experiment with a recipe i noticed from madeleine kamman's "when French women cook"...i don't know why, it was time consuming and tedious work. i was very intrigued and wanted to taste it. the result was thrilling. i can't claim that it is authentic French because i didn't have the veal stock (which had to be homemade!) and committed the ultimate sacrilege of using ....aaargh...canned beef broth. but it was so tasty the children AND husband ate it. certainly a nice change from the usual. we all agreed, next time we'll skip the blue cheese or substitute a milder one. perhaps feta?

debone the chicken legs with very sharp knife and poultry shears

stuffing w/pistachio, mushrooms, bread crumbs, egg yolks, blue cheese, salt and pepper

in stitches

"little hams"


...even better the next day

the recipe is here.