Friday, May 20, 2005

they came back

not bad for someone with an infamous black thumb.
i usually get squeamish when i see earthworms and bumblebees, and am not too fond of squishy mud, but i'm trying to put on false bravado because i have little kiddies who watch my every move and reaction. so i'm terribly grateful, despite the unseasonable unreasonable cold, the baby herbs grew back and i was able to sustain some living things in the little ledge. i counted 12. peppermint, spearmint, basil, Greek oregano, German thyme(the favorite), sage, lemon balm, and chives came back from last year. new this year are dill, chervil, lavender, cilantro; am on the lookout for rosemary for my lamb chops...
a dozen herbs!!

and one little critter
...i didn't even scream eeeeeeek. #2 son found him scurrying across the patio and it stayed long enough for my daughter to see, and for a photo pose before leaping off to the neighbor's garden...(it was about 2 inches long, sooo cute, the kids named it "squeaker" and they're waiting for his return).