Wednesday, May 25, 2005


maraming maraming salamat sa lahat nang dumating nang maaga, at ang daming bitbit pati inumin at entertainment ;) it is terribly endearing...
i hope i haven't intimidated everyone else by my demands er requests...ok you don't have to sing or perform if you have no entry or recipe...although the liquids are all set to lubricate our vocal bravura and unleash all inhibitions (sa kanta lang ha, pa wholesome kuno!)

yes it is tonight! don't forget the raffle, girls. accepting your entries up to today...then check back for the hang overs este...the round up. thank you all for being such warm and wonderful friends [akin lahat ng tira ha:) ] you've really added so much excitement to my blogworld [tulungan niyo akong magligpit]
i hope we will do this again and again [para makapuslit ako sa housework]...

* * * * * * * *
scroll down, you'll see the raffle items: please specify if you'd like to enter both raffles, just the baking book, just the ken keyes book, or none. i will have a magic tambiolo (jackpot device that mixes up all the names and my little son's hand will pick the winners) to mix up all the names and the winner will receive the book in as quick a manner as i can manage (sorry...i can't guarantee speed as i am a hardworking mommy--in my dreams! heehee).
the "donna hay" book is new, albeit from the salvage store so it's been marked by the store not moi. the ken keyes jr. book is brand new from amazon, just a little self-help book i've never read before but i might take a peek at it while waiting for the raffle date. not guaranteed to give you lifelong happiness--that's up to the winner--but just my way of giving you all a "peace, man" sign. groovy.
fire up those recipes, vocal cords, dancing legs....we're gonna parteyyyy.


when we were kids my mom attended what they called "hen parties": girls' get togethers, no husbands, kids included only if absolutely necessary (breastfeeding moms?) and remembering the photos she brought home, i thought she looked positively happy and..well, girly.
cacofonix and atinna started the party idea, and now i hereby announce, our very own...
a Blogging GIRLS' NIGHT OUT!!! in the spirit of Is My Blog Burning?
bring your favorite finger or party food, hors d'oeuvres, canape, pica pica... you don't have to make it, you can bring store-bought (a picture would be a treat). also! a must! the beverage you prefer for your "pulutan" este finger food.
everyone welcome, girls and people who like girls or wanna be girls or girls-at-heart, i'll dust off my old karaoke machine (start warming up those pipes!).
if you show up without food then you must sing. post your song.

i'm announcing early so you can make plans for baby sitting. if absolutely necessary, i've hired a child-minder but you may want to make alternate plans ;P.
to sweeten the deal, participants' names or nom de blogs will be included in a raffle(unless you don't want to, just specify) for a brand new cookbook and a Ken Keyes, Jr. book about Happiness .
the coup de grace....sleeping bags and futons provided for those who cannot go home...
and need to sleep it off :)

please submit your party food by May 25, Wednesday. post your entry--recipe, photo, song, dance--video ha, me your link,, and i'll organize them all into a fun buffet table in time for memorial day weekend i hope and pray..tell everybody!