Sunday, January 09, 2005

"burong mangga"

my auntie blew into town last night...from the philippines! her gift to me, a ziploc bag of pickled green mangoes. oh joy! oh rapture! what bliss! yumyumyum. it was still crunchy and green and super sour. and doubly delicious because it's contraband! hahaha.
oops. shh!
i can't wait to cook some paksiw na banak (mullet) and blanched shrimps...come friends, let's eat!
our family's way is to slice and store in a jar with salt and water. not designed to last long, because it doesn't. ;)

Writer's foot note(wow sounds official ha):
forgot to mention that i'd just read and slobbered and cried over JMom's post on green mangoes yesterday. it was absolutely providential that my auntie's plane being delayed and her son's car being stuck in upper Maine, would bring me a bounty of buro...Jmom, waiting for you.