Saturday, January 29, 2005

further adventures with an old minivan. off to the repair shop it goes. hope to see you again soon old dear.
a very sad and sorry sight indeed....

sometimes i cruise up and down the food aisles of the Asian market just looking at the array, reading labels and trying to decipher what the exotic sauces and marinades could be used for. this one from Malaysia caught my eye and i bought it because it reminded me of the peppercorn bush near the fence of our old home in Diliman (which is now a restaurant)... the ingredients listed "sugar, black pepper, garlic, vegetable oil, tomato paste, soy bean paste, wheat flour, salt, oyster extract, caramel, soy extract, food acid, modified starch, natural spices and flavor enhancer."
it was a quick and easy meal to prepare. a lifesaver for this weird wintry week.

i marinated a pound of sirloin steak strips overnight and set them under the broiler...they were flavorful, spicy, full-bodied...the children enjoyed them immensely over hot rice.

beef with black pepper sauce