Friday, January 28, 2005

what a week it has been.
my kids are really grand people you know? i'm so proud of them. they've been quite stoical, being stuck here at home with ME, with no car, no roads to ride on that are safe, and just plain old enduring the dreary COLD.
my #1 son who was supposed to have midterm exams all week, has perfected his bass playing techniques. daughter has rediscovered the "joy" of playing with her 5 year old "pesky" little brother (she's 10 and prone to daydreaming, lately just into games with her girly friends and their American girl dolls), and the little boy has concocted intricate battle scenes with his little toy soldiers. they get together sporadically to tease and heckle each other (under my watchful refereeing of course--no physical stuff, no verbal abuse allowed!).
dare i say we've bonded even more? tacky glue tight?

literally reaching into the depths of the bottom freezer, i would like to tout this product from New Zealand called "greenshell mussels." sold in boxes in the freezer case, next to the sea cucumbers and packs of squid heads/tentacles...of course it is no comparison to the fresh mussels from Cavite or Orani but in these parts...simply thawed and steamed briefly and served with the fancy-schmancy-ly named mignonette sauce --a dip(sawsawan) of white wine vinegar, shallots/red onions, salt, generous lashings of black pepper and a sneaky bird chili (siling labuyo)...
it was heavenly.