Thursday, January 20, 2005

my obsessive-compulsive vinegar disorder

my auntie was visiting. she was having a steamed lobster, as she is wont to do when she visits. she asked me for vinegar for her dip (sawsawan) with sliced red onions . absentmindedly, i asked, what kind auntie dear? red wine, datu puti, sukang iloco...and so on.
in Tagalog she said.."silly-frilly you!" ("ang arte arte mo naman.")

last night i needed Chunking vinegar so i had to dig out from my turnstile cabinet and i thought to myself: she's right.
from left:
white, sherry, cider, Chinese black, white wine, Datu Puti cane, balsamic,red wine, ume plum, Datu Puti coco, Chinese red, rice. overlooked: malt (hiding in the back of cabinet.)