Thursday, January 20, 2005

steamed pork spareribs with black beans

this cut of pork is available usually only at Asian groceries: pork spare ribs sliced across the bones and chopped.
i made up this dish to try and recreate our #1son's favorite dimsum treat which is served in teeny weeny portions...too small for a strapping young man whose hormones are raging and whose muscles need beefing up. "necessity is the mother of invention."

have ready a pot of boiling water for replenishing your steamer. (i used a large wok w/ a tight fitting lid, and a steel trivet/rack.)
put 2 lbs. of cut spare ribs into a heat proof bowl. stir in 2 tbsps. of Shao Xing rice wine, 1/3 cup "light" not lite soy sauce (Pearl River Bridge Superior light soy, e.g.), 1 tbsp. of minced ginger, 2 tbsps. of crushed garlic, 2 tbsps. of fermented black beans,3 stalks of trimmed julienned scallions, white and green parts. toss together thoroughly, to coat the pork. add more or less of above ingredients, as you like it.
steam for about 45 minutes, watching and replenishing your water carefully to make sure it doesn't dry out. let it rest 5 minutes before serving.
it is a delicious dish with its own sauce to pour over hot jasmine rice, for a cold and icy winter night...