Saturday, February 26, 2005

a day out

we received a Christmas gift certificate from husband's supervisor at work to the cavernous, noisy, crowded --it was midweek lunch even!-- (though it must be because of the winter break for the local kids) tsiskeyk factory (quesocake?--so sorry, i don't want this to appear in any searches). #2 son said it looked like the casino buffet at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT...and he's right. this one's located in a vertical mall at the Cambridgeside Galleria, Cambridge.

...where i had my first mojito. too sweet!!! even for me. i had to ask the server to fetch more and more lime wedges. i think i'll try these at home (white rum, lime juice, copious ice chips, mint sprigs).
the entrees we had were big on production, supersized, but sad to say, not tasty. daughter's steak, with a mountain of mashed unpeeled red potatoes, was too over seasoned. poor dear tried, but she didn't like it. #2 son happily worked on his four cheese pasta and kept stealing from his big sister's thinly sliced onion rings...
husband's entree of cajun spiced shrimp over tri color pasta was disappointingly overpowered by basil pesto. i ordered a caesar's salad; the dressing was obviously made on site, appropriately tangy with parmesan, garlic and anchovies but. a mountain of it? for one person?
these two appetizers were what i liked the best:
i was intrigued by the nori wrapped ahi tuna appetizer, having seen it on the internet menu the night before, but when it came time to order it i couldn't locate it in the telephone book size menu ...good thing server was well-versed and knew exactly what i meant. it was...different, strange, a newfangled fusion dish perhaps? deep fried sashimi basically but with a refreshingly spicy ginger dip.

#2 son enjoyed the spicy chicken taquitos, slivers of chicken breast encased in chili sauce then deepfried, drizzled with sour cream and guacamole, on a bed of lettuce with scoops of tomato salsa, more guacamole and sour cream.

heehee, am no critic, i really love to eat! but. sometimes the fun is just in being able to bundle up the children and get up and go out. anyone who has kids understands what i spillage, no tantrums, a nice relaxing meal. (#1 son the teenager could not be budged out of the house! hmph.)