Tuesday, March 01, 2005

a delayed celebration

kittens were getting very excited but the family dinner had to be delayed due to the snow. so "MaMa" (paternal grandmother) and "YeYe" took Sunday, the day before our return to school from winter break. we went there early evening for MaMa's light but flavorful cooking. they also bought a few dishes from their favorite Chinatown restaurant. husband enjoyed the company of his siblings (one niece got engaged over Valentine's so we have a big occasion to look forward to next year!). and kittens are all very rich with hung bao ("lucky money") once again (wonder if they'll let me borrow some?).

MaMa's spread...right before we dug in.

my favorites, the dishes symbolic of luxury and good fortune, for a prosperous new year:

"fat choy" with oysters and MaMa's shrimps with salty cashews

sea cucumber, sea clam and black mushroom