Sunday, April 24, 2005

clockwise: honey mustard wings, seafood (squid, shrimp and scallop) with vegetables, beef in oyster sauce, yang chow fried rice, roast cuttlefish, scallion chicken, 8 delight lo mein, shrimp lo mein, roast duck, char siu, carrot and cucumber platter w/ TGIF spinach-artichoke dip. center: tuna and cannellini with lemon pepper dressing.

#1son's party with the clan...he said it would be his last big cake and candle and presents party, which made me sniffle a bit. he's trying to be a grown up already??
we took a short cut and bought mostly take out from the Chinese grocery's butchers (the line was long but the meats were fresh and hot!), and noodles, seafood and rice from the newish Chinese restaurant in town. i only made three "anti-Chinese-food" dishes--strictly in the sense of anti pasti, mind) : honey mustard wings, tuna and bean salad with lemon pepper dressing (tastes better than it sounds, promise!) and orecchiette pasta with three peas. both dishes were not too popular with the folks. *sigh* but i thought they were great. husby says it's too novel for them. oh well.
i had to use up some canned chestnuts and thought i'd make a chestnut cake but i got cold feet and asked husband to buy a little ice cream cake for the kiddies...

recipes for the tuna and bean salad, orecchiette pasta and chestnut cake (chestnut genoise frosted with chestnut mousse cream with a filling of milk chocolate buttercream) to follow....