Thursday, April 21, 2005

a little respite

the basin, kancamagus highway, new hampshire

a much needed getaway. we communed with mighty momma nature in the great white mountains. she formed this smooth granite "basin" with the force of churning melting snow water from the tops of the mountain caps. the water was fearsomely powerful. i held on to the little ones really tight despite the fencing all around.
mountains, birch, pine and maple trees. a few hours away from concrete, steel, traffic, grumpy pedestrians...

i was just a tad disappointed that it wasn't a log cabin this time, though it did have a lovely fireplace and more than enough rooms. (off season for skiers, great bargains for non skiers.)
fireplace bug

when we came back there was a package at the door from the great mommy lola who sent her grandchildren the sweet treats that never fail to transport the kid-at-heart in me.
i know where to get the best Lindt, Droste, Tobler, Milka (at deep discounts!) ...but my heart belongs to ...
chocnut and curly tops....thanks ma.