Monday, July 04, 2005

here's the link to the recipe for the sushi roll rice salad. i followed it to the letter except for my misstep with the wasabi and it turned out wonderfully. perfectly steamed sushi rice, seasoned vinegar, chopped pickled ginger, chopped carrot and cucumber, sliced scallions, and roasted snipped nori seaweed. i didn't have the shiso leaves for garnish so i used romaine lettuce. i also added a leftover lobster tail, peeled and sliced thinly, and sprinkled with the lobster roe. all sorts of possibilities are tickling my appetite: bits of unagi (roasted eel) drizzled with the sweet sauce, real crab meat and tarama or cod roe, strips of raw tuna or gravlax...i call this lazy chef's sushi or something someone invented when they accidentally lost or incinerated their sushi mat.