Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a refreshing cooling fruity drink, and a tag

have to do so many things at home...as my friend thess said, you can tell the manager of the house does not have internet connection when it is meticulously clean.
so i have to destroy the evidence: lint, dustbunnies, murphyfur, and the rest you can just imagine!
meanwhile we are sweating it out in another heatwave so my kittens are very parched and scorched. must make cooling drinks and turn on the a.c.

"snow" maker

grated cantaloupe, simple syrup (two to one ratio of water to sugar, heated until sugar is dissolved, then chilled), and "snow" in summer.

this "homework" (aaayaaah, i thought i was done with all that? ;p ) is from dear beng of Dusseldorf (sali ko sa windowshopping benggay dear ha)
what are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play?
solitude is a precious commodity for me, so i have a lot of fun things i enjoy, as circumstances permit:
* i replace a stressful activity with a quiet trance-like chore, like folding laundry, cleaning the fish tank. am a multi-tasking mama.
*dicing, chopping, stirring, mashing and bashing. assembling the mise en place for a new dish takes my mind off stresses.
* swimming non-stop laps...the ultimate fantasy, for me! ahhh if only. it's just me and the water and concentrating on the strokes and not drowning. i'd build an Olympic length pool in the basement if i could...
* dancing, alone, stereo turned up, windows closed
* singing along, a la diva to regine, angela bofill, patti austin (my family all hie off to their corners, thus guaranteeing my solitude, heehee)
escaping into the Travel Channel or a compelling book
bad de-stresser, terribly hard to give up: potato chips and beer.

what lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? make a list, post it in your journal.
cozaar, metoprolol, hydrochlorothiazide, champagne...oh you mean, not imbibables?
hmm. first, what causes stress for me?
happily the stress of my life is not much, it's just really "meeting deadlines" and being on time. i get distressed by visitors who drop in without warning because i'm a horrible housekeeper.
it's not good to be a clockwatcher, but i am one, sadly. plus i've had hypertension all my life it seems.
i just stop everything, and be quiet and meditate.
gaze at my babies, my fish tank, cuddle up with...my cat heehee. i water my plants to relax. i look for a new recipe to tackle.

tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in their blogs.
oh oh. seems like everyone's been tagged already.
i don't know if he'll agree to a tag : braless,.
Karen so she'll stop and exhale and inhale slowly. i suspect she thrives on deadlines?
boks when she comes back from her holiday. all refreshed and tanned.
i have a couple of friends who aren't in blogworld i'd love to ask...

where i'd like to be: the best place in the world to de-stress...