Wednesday, August 03, 2005


i've been wanting to visit this
Filipino restaurant in Manhattan since my friend ling told me about it years ago.
now, i know all about the barbeque-han places in Woodside, Queens (Roosevelt ave.) alongside the bakeries and homestyle Pinoy take-out joints. but cendrillon is extra special, like ensaymada (Filipino brioche) with cheese and macapuno(grated "mutant" coconut) .
i remember downloading a recipe for black rice paella from there. cendrillon, 45 Mercer Street (Broome Street), SoHo; (212) 343-9012,
is now almost 10 years old!!! and i still haven't gone. if you're in the area, please go and sample their the New York Times review, by Frank Bruni, it says that the chef is now concentrating on traditional Pinoy food versus about adobo, kare kare, bibingka, kalamansi, ube, and the fatty duck!
i'm going! asap.