Saturday, August 06, 2005

"detective" work ; shrugging off a bug

i've been felled by a bug. same one that got #2 son last week when i took him to the pediatrician. we were isolated in the "sick" waiting room where there were four other children languishing with the same symptoms. so of course i shouldn't be so surprised i caught it's just that it's always inconvenient (a luxury? i can't afford) for a mom to get sick, and i always say i'm oxen-like when it comes to resisting these little viruses.
i do want to share that my "detective work" has paid off and i was able to find a fellow foodie from Boston to invite her to the Lasang Pinoy food blogging event, though her upcoming vacation might prevent her from joining this one. thank you Rachel, for being so nice even as i bugged you at work :) .
looking for articles on Filipino restaurants in New York specifically Kuma Inn and Cendrillon, i stumbled upon the first and only Filipino-American winery. i can't wait to purchase a bottle to sample! "tangkilikin ang sariling atin..." (a Martial Law-era slogan--let that be a reminder and plug for the upcoming launch of the Lasang Pinoy food blogging event, Aug. 18.)
let me shake off this awful bug first...
i will probably make a little pot of lugaw, with chicken and ginger shreds, but i'm craving these. in a 14-course lauriat these are usually the highlights # 10, 11, 12???

fantasy dishes are from China Pearl, Boston